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Tiktok Ban – What To Know About This Viral Application?

TikTok, a new social media networking application which is boosting up the numbers of users a lot every day. In this application, people use to make short videos on some clips. The clips can be of dance, audio, dialogue or anything. In the smaller towns as well, this application of 15 seconds video is very much popular. As you know that excessive use of anything leads to bringing harm same goes with TikTok also. Excessive use of it affects the mind of people. They stop paying attention to other things and then face banning in India. Majority of folks are mad on this application makes them buy TikTok fans to gain popularity. 

Madras high court requests the Government to ban TikTok in India due to the content mentioned in the videos. The company heard about the action and thought to take serious action against the decision of the court. There are lots of people who are looking to know about this viral application. If you also want to know some details about TikTok then reading the post will help you out. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about a few things which help the people to gain enough knowledge about TikTok.  

What Is Tiktok?

TikTok is the social media networking application where users upload their videos. In those videos, one can make music clips and can make other sorts of videos also. Even, dialogues can also cut out from any place4, and one can make their own video on those dialogues also. In these videos, there are different features also available such as merge, cut, trim, duplicate, and many others. 

Meger Of Tiktok With Musical.Ly 

TikTok comes further. Before TikTok, there was an application named as musical.ly, which is also launched by the same parent company named as ByteDance. Musical.ly was very much popular at every platform, and when TikTok came, every follower of musical.ly came to the TikTok social media networking platform. 

Why Banned? 

First of all, TikTok is not only banned in India. In Indonesia, it is banned by the last July. The reasons why TikTok is banned are pornography and other inappropriate content which is affecting the mind of youngsters much. 

But if the application will come in use properly, then it can become the best source of entertainment also. And by buying TikTok fans one can bring popularity for their name also.

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