How To Use IGTV Hashtags In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

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The popularity of video grows in the social media world, and attains 80% of mobile traffic. To capitalize on this trend, Instagram launched IGTV feature, a mobile-optimized long-form of videos that allows users to share videos in a vertical format to match their expectation. 

The IGTV feature is particularly exciting for businesses and marketers which helps to expand brand reach and improve audience engagement. Additionally, 76% of brands say that Instagram videos help increase sales. 

Of course, a successful content marketing strategy is much more important than simply creating and sharing videos on IGTV to reach the right people. The main part of the content strategy on IGTV is the hashtags which helps to find relevant content. That’s why you need to know about IGTV hashtags. So now, I’m going to share how to use hashtags on IGTV feature to attract a new audience and boost engagement. 

Using IGTV Hashtags

Choosing the right hashtags in IGTV videos maximize your business or brand reach. On Instagram, hashtags categorize your content and make it easier for users to find your videos when they search for a specific tag. Moreover, Instagram allows creators to add up to 30 hashtags to each content. But many studies suggest using more than nine hashtags will decrease your video engagement rate. So, it is best to use upto five to six hashtags in your IGTV video to engage target audiences.

Consider the four main hashtag category mentioned below to get better performance for your IGTV video:

Content IGTV Hashtags

Use the hashtags that directly relate to the content of the post.

Industry IGTV Hashtags

These hashtags are relevant to your business or industry.

Branded IGTV Hashtags

Find the hashtags that relate to your brand or products.

Targeted IGTV Hashtags

These are aimed at the demographic.

Tips To Get Success In Using IGTV Hashtags

It is essential to add 5 to 7 hashtags for each post on your IGTV videos, just as you do with a regular Instagram post. Here are the two best ways to use hashtags to improve your IGTV video visibility and reach. 

Tip 1: Hashtags For IGTV Videos

Including relevant hashtags in your IGTV video captions helps to show your content in the search results and tends to buy IGTV video views at instant speed to enhance your content popularity within a short period. So, the use of right and relevant hashtags on your IGTV video captions regularly will help you to attract new followers and boost video visibility. 

Tip 2: Use IGTV Hashtags On Regular Post

Whenever you post a video or image in your Instagram main feed, include a hashtag relating to your IGTV videos. Direct your audiences to your IGTV videos with the hashtag specifying your IGTV video to drive traffic to your latest Instagram TV content. 

Benefits Of IGTV Hashtags For Business

According to the research, 90% of customers make purchasing decisions by watching videos. So it adds more popularity for the IGTV videos that allows every user to share 10-minute videos. But if you are a verified user on Instagram, you can share up to 60 minutes long videos. 

Since IGTV is a long-form video feature, a business can use Instagram TV to take webinars and interviews to grow their potential audiences. Sharing more engaging content on IGTV attracts new audiences to your channel and improves your brand reach. 

Additionally, you can share IGTV teasers on Instagram stories, reels, and main feed to grab your user’s attention and increase engagement. Sharing exciting and informative teasers on various Instagram features will encourage the audience to watch your brief content on the IGTV platform. While promoting your IGTV videos on other Instagram features, never forget to add relevant hashtags to improve your video visibility and discoverability. 

Top IGTV Hashtags

As a small business, you need to add some trending hashtags in your videos to expand your business reach among a wider audience. Here are some popular hashtags that help you generate more traffic and reach. 


It is one of the most frequently used hashtags both in the regular Instagram post and a post on IGTV. There are similar hashtags such as, #igtvusers, #igtvcreator, #igtvchannel, #igtvcontent. 


Encourage the audience who are interacting with your videos and make them follow your account by adding this hashtag to all your IGTV videos. 


Businesses and marketers always share great content regularly or even daily. It is essential to let people know about your new content daily. 


There is no complication about running an IGTV channel on Instagram, but you need to follow the right strategy to reach your target audience and increase your business exposure. Adding hashtags to your IGTV videos is the easiest way to gain followers and boost engagement. Always choose a hashtag relevant to your brand to skyrocket your reach and visibility with a huge audience.