Besides The Big Two, Here Are 6 Other Social Networks To Check Out

If not, and you enjoy real-world dystopian horror, you should definitely check it out.

Have you seen the documentary “Delete Your Social Media Accounts!”? If yes, you may recall the final challenge to erase your social media accounts and join the cause.

Here are 6 social media sites that can replace your current favourites.


Here are five reasons why you should buy it:

There are no commercial interruptions. There are also no intrusive advertisements.
Manage your own newsfeed however you see fit. It won’t be skewed in any manner to push a product on you.
A Messenger-like messaging software is given to you.
Don’t be concerned that your private information will be sold to third-party marketers.
It has all the positive aspects of other social media but is based on trust and love instead.


Ello began as a social networking site similar to Facebook, minus the aforementioned social media giant’s advertisements, “like” button, and security and privacy risks.

It originally focused on music, but it has subsequently shifted to become a Pinterest-style platform for artists and followers of visual arts, fashion, and digital culture.

It’s simple to sign up for the service. In order to join, all you need to do is provide your name and email address.

Questions you answer when signing up help the site tailor what you see in your feed.

No annoying adverts, and no risk to your privacy.

It’s possible to join forces with other artists or even employ them.
A username in place of your real name is ok.
Unexpected, authentic, and wholly original works of art have been produced by people from all walks of life.


No matter what you post on BitChute, you won’t get blacklisted for it.

BitChute has been met with scepticism ever since it was launched in 2017.

Because without moderation, it always attracts radicals and racist posts.

If you can get beyond this, though, there’s a wealth of great reading material to be found on the site.

Everything from animation to business to education to gardening and health is covered, among many other themes.


EyeEm is a photography sharing community that doesn’t charge users to use their images.

It’s a fantastic location for any photographer who wants to expand their client base.

You may use it to host events with your pals, connect with other content makers, and promote your business.


The ability to communicate with individuals all around the world is one of our favourite features of social networking sites.

There’s a lot of noise on social media with about eight billion people on the world.

Nextdoor is a solution for this problem.

You may meet your neighbours and get to know them better through Nextdoor, a social media site.

Whether they are private individuals, small enterprises, charities, or government entities, you will be able to network with users who reside in close proximity to you.

If you operate a business and want more customers, joining Nextdoor is a smart move.

Here are three successful influencers from non-mainstream social media:

You’re probably shaking your head at the moment.

You may think, “Those other social media platforms are all good.” However, I know that in order to attract an audience, I must have social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. There’s no way I can amass a sizable following on lesser-known platforms.

Pinterest, Instagram, or any of the other major social media platforms may make her famous with her great artwork.


The tagline for the site boasts, “Cryptic, profound, inspiring, and thought-provoking poems mixed with impressive 3D graphics.”

Sinan Saglam

I’m not referring to commercials.

What I mean is promoting yourself to a wider audience.

Berlin-based photographer Sinan Saglam achieved just that.

With the help of EyeEm, he was able to turn his stunning photography into a $10,000 payday.

Therefore, it is a prime location for advertising and promotion.

But the reality is that it may be really draining.

You continue to be the focus of commercial campaigns. When you least expect it, annoying advertisements appear. You have no idea if you’re communicating with a real person or a computer programme.

You’re considering leaving social media, but you’d be missing out on a great chance to promote your business and connect with other professionals in your sector.

Join one of the alternative, lesser social networking sites that I’ve listed.

You might be shocked at how many individuals you know are already on these sites.