To help you get the most out of your Instagram account, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful posting strategies, including how to optimise carousel posts and repost user-generated material, as well as what kinds of content you should be publishing and when you should be posting it.

Everything you need to know about posting on Instagram to increase your following, attract more likes, and become an Instagram marketing pro is right here.

How Often Should You Update Instagram?

You shouldn’t submit so little stuff on Instagram that your account is forgotten, but you also shouldn’t share so much that you overwhelm your followers. That being said, the subject of how frequently you should update your Instagram feed persists.

The truth is that there is no single correct response to this query. In response to a search query, many results may appear online. Adobe Spark recommends publishing at least once every day, but some sites recommend publishing seven to ten times per week. The fact is that it’s possible that using the average responses of others as a guide for how much information you should be sharing on the app won’t work for you. For optimal results on Instagram, you may need to experiment with several posting schedules before settling on one.

Using Maker Studio to Plan Your Instagram Posts in Advance

Now that you know the basics of posting to Instagram, we’ll go through scheduling your posts in advance. By planning ahead and scheduling your Instagram posts, you can avoid having to take time out of your day to make sure your material is uploaded.

Instagram profiles that are set up as businesses or creators on Facebook can utilise Creator Studio to plan posts if they do not have access to a social media management tool like Meltwater. You can schedule content creation and publication from your PC with this handy application. The Creator Studio is a useful tool for scheduling Instagram posts, especially if you have a large following and are an influencer with a Creator account. So, here’s a rundown on how to utilise Instagram’s Creator Studio to set up a publishing schedule for your account.

Topics for Instagram Posts

Now that you know how to upload to Instagram, let’s discuss some potential topics for your Instagram posts. Since there are so many Instagram users, it stands to reason that there is also a large quantity of excellent posts being made on a daily basis, as we indicated at the outset of this piece. If you want to promote your company and interact with your followers on Instagram, you can’t just submit any image or photo and hope for the best because there is so much material being scheduled and released every minute of the day.

Due of the visual nature of Instagram, your posts need to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of products and people competing for people’s attention, so you have to provide your followers something they won’t get anywhere else. If you’re looking for content inspiration on Instagram, here are five suggestions.

1. Pose a query

Engaging with your audience by polling them with questions may be a fantastic way to get their feedback and even inspire future posts.

2. Spread user-made media around.

Resharing your followers’ original material is a tried and true method of increasing your community’s participation and activity. This is a straightforward approach to demonstrating your value to the members of your online community and highlighting the many and creative ways in which they are putting your product to use.

Create a unique hashtag that represents your brand and encourages your fans to use it when submitting user-generated material so that it will be easy to locate. With the customised hashtag, you can easily find content created by your audience by conducting a simple search.

3. Make use of the current trends

Whether it’s a meme or an Instagram challenge, getting in on the action may be a great way to humanise your business and keep it top-of-mind with your audience.

4. Include material from your other social network accounts

If you’re short on time but still want to take use of the benefits of social media, you may cross-post the same information to sites like Twitter and Facebook. Taking a screenshot of the tweet and then posting it on Instagram is a common practise. It’s important to make sure that any material you repurpose fits in with your own company’s image.

5. Put your goods on display with the help of influencer marketing.

Marketing with influential people is a terrific way to increase awareness of your company and boost your social proof among your audience. Having well-known and respected individuals as brand ambassadors may do wonders for your business’s reputation and attract new customers. See our Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing if you want to find out more about this type of marketing.