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How Brands Could Accomplish Success on Instagram Story- 5 Ways To Use

There is no hidden fact that stories are earthshaking on Instagram platforms.

More than 500 million people are using Instagram stories. Almost lots of brands and business marketers grab this story stage to advertise or promote their business.

Instagram story offers a variety of features, like music, countdown, Gifs, and much more, which help create innovative content.

In this article lets us see some good practices to make your brand successful through the Instagram story. 

Post How-To Type Content

How-to & tutorial videos are currently trending on social media and used in the Instagram story feed. A step-by-step process of any stuff, even styling the content, bloopers are quite popular. Tutorial videos not only include educational info but from cooking recipes to beauty hacks, you can do any kind of videos.

Depending on your industry, field plan your “how-to” contents. If you are selling beauty products, you can teach your audience how to do makeup, giving product demos. This way, you can promote your brand indirectly with your audience. It helps to provide more visibility to your brands/products.

Make Use Of User-Generated Content

Many brands have practicing sharing their user-generated content in their feed, also mentioning their username, photos. Trust me; it creates a massive impact on your brand’s image.By posting this kind of content,you can boost Instagram story views and visibility for your brand. Instagram story is the best place to post your user-generated content. When you post more content automatically, people will trust your brands and recommend your brands to their circles. So try to maximize your user-generated content. Encourage your customer to create content on your brands, and ask them to share. It influences other people to try out your brands. When you share your audience’s content in your feed, they will feel happy and valued.

What About Behind-The-Scenes 

One of the beauty of Instagram is you need to create perfect or polished content. Most of the brands post unscripted stories while attending their meetings, creating content, getting ready for the events, while traveling.

 All those ideas will receive more engagement at the same; it will show off your brand voice and its personality. Try to post business-related behind-the-scenes like showing your employees, working place, organizing events, meetings. So that people will be more connected with your brands.

Promote Your Sales 

You can come up with seasonal offers, discounts, sales on your Instagram story. When you promote your sales through storyboards, it will automatically disappear after 24 hours. That limited offers encourage your audience to rush to your websites or online store to buy your products. 

This way, you can give more awareness of your brands/products. You can boost your sales by celebrating national holidays, any special occasion. Advertising your sales during festival time provides more visibility to your brands.

Post Sneak Peek For New Launch

If you are planning to launch new products, new content, or add new features to your products, you can use Instagram stories for advertising it. Before publishing it, ultimately, create teasers or trailers for your new launch. While creating a teaser, make sure it’s interesting, offer some clique, or end with asking a question. Let your audience guess it. It will generate hype and excitement among your audience. It helps to gain more engagement at the time when you launch your product.


Instagram is one of the most celebrated social media sites. Lots of business owners get benefited through Instagram story features. You can use Instagram stories in useful ways. If your goal is to get success on the Instagram story, you need to try all those content types mentioned above. Experiment with all the Instagram features and see which works for your brand.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.