The Instagram shop is an excellent opportunity for any product brand to see goods on Instagam. With the help of Instagram’s shop feature, brands can create a catalog of shoppable things that are straightly accessible via Instagram profile. And the advantage from a billion brands and products finding opportunities. Are you ready to start drinking sales by setting up a shop on Instagram? In this blog, you can learn about Instagram shop features.


Instagram shop provides a path for brands to display their products’ catalog and reach out to brand new audiences on Instaram. To reach more audiences to drive more sales, buy Instagram Reels likes. Brands can directly assist a catalog of shoppable products that are accessible via the “view shop” button on their Instagram profile page. Not only that, but the brands with Instagam shop can also be present on the Instagram shop page. The Instagram shop page is a brand new place accessible from the primary navigation menu of Instagam.

The Instagram shop is an efficient way for audiences to find shoppable products on Instagram, with the choice to shop collections, explore guides, see editors’ picks, and browse shops. The Instagram shop also helps the audiences find products they are more likely to buy; these are all based on the previous engagement and the brands and posts users follow.


Setting up a shop on Instaram is easier than you might have thought. here we provide you a step by step guide to get start your Instagram shop:

1. Eligibility checking

  • Your brand needs to meet the following eligibility criteria to set up an Instagram shop:
  • Your business must own a website on which you plan to sell.
  • Your company follows the commerce policies and merchant agreement of the Instagram community.
  • Your company has a permitted product.
  • Your business is located in a supported marketplace.

2. Convert to a creator account or a business account

You will need to switch your regular account to a business account to set up a shop on Instagram. You can add in relevant information about your business(link to your website, phone number, business address, and opening hours)  once you have a business account.

3. Connect your Facebook page to Instagram shop

  • Go to your Instagram business profile.
  • Select the edit profile option
  • Select the “page” section under the “public business information.”
  • Select a Facebook page from your collection of pages that you would like to connect to Instagram.
  • Create a new Facebook page if you do not have a page on Facebook. You only require a  Facebook page, and a Facebook page shop is no need at all.

4. Upload the catalog of your products

Instagram shops need you to have a catalog for products, which is a collection of all your products, descriptions, and inventory.

There are two different ways to connect your product catalog to your Insagram account(business)

  • E-commerce platform partner
  • Catalog manager

5. Review your account

You will need to submit your Instagram business account for review once you have connected a product catalog to your Instagram.