Cross-posting, Analytics, And More Are Just Some Of The New Features In Instagram Reels

Reels may now be shared between Instagram and Facebook, and you’ll have access to more data on the films’ reach and engagement.

Three new capabilities, including the option to crosspost to Facebook and others, have been announced by Instagram for users who create Reels films.

The video below includes Instagram’s Head of Product, Adam Mosseri, announcing the new features.

These are the three brand new additions to Reels:

  • The “Add Yours” sticker from Instagram has been uploaded to Facebook.
  • Insights on Reels’ Facebook Activity in Great Detail
  • All of today’s announcements are summarised here.

Publish Instagram Stories on Facebook

You can share a Reel on Instagram and have it automatically share to Facebook if you have accounts on both services.

Instagram will now ask you if you want to post your Reel to Facebook the next time you make one.

If you enable cross-posting on Instagram, any highlights you generate there will be shared to Facebook unless you specify otherwise at the time of upload.

To reiterate, Reels is set to “public” by default. Your Reels will be viewable by the general public regardless of your Facebook privacy settings.

Instagram Story Sticker That Invites Users to “Add Yours”

The “add yours” sticker from Instagram Stories is making its way over to Reels.

Stick it on any Reel to inspire your viewers to respond with their own. A good example might be, “Spending time at the beach was the highlight of my weekend.” Incorporate yours here.

Users can react to your suggestion by tapping the sticker and adding their own reel.

Mosseri expresses his excitement for the new function in the promotional film.

We aim to capture the sense of wonder and awe that comes from being inspired to tell one’s own tale using visual media. We hope this will not only make watching videos more enjoyable, but will encourage viewers to share their own tales with the world.

Consider the possibility that a Reel featuring a “add yours” sticker gets popular after its creator posts it online.

Everyone will know you were the one who began the trend because of attribution.

To continue, Mosseri says

The attribution link reads, “If you do establish a trend, we want to make sure you get credit for doing so. You have the option of disabling the little profile link that appears on the sticker.

Updated Data on Facebook’s Reels

Facebook is getting brand new data for Reels.

In order to gauge the success of your Reels on Facebook, you can now examine metrics like reach, average watch time, and total watch time.

Facebook Reel Shows Can Be Scheduled

Meta has released the option to pre-schedule Reels on Facebook, which is noteworthy in the context of recent updates to Reels.

Schedule Reels material in advance and keep track of all your published Reels in one place using Creator Studio.

Instagram and Facebook now support more video sharing formats than ever before.