Instagram Reels are short video clips that are up to thirty seconds long and with which you will show your most imaginative part; you can add your own audio or music, own effects to make the content as you can watch more additional features for you if you continue to use the Instagram platform. The video format can be horizontal or vertical. Users can upload the Reels videos in both horizontal and vertical formats.


Unlike Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels can appear in your profile like your IGTV or post content. You can select who you want to show your Instagram Reels to. You can share your Reels in the Explore section if you have a public account and make your reels viewable to each person in the Instagram community; it does not matter whether they are following you or not. Or otherwise, you can add your Reels to your Instagram Stories so that your fans can watch your Reels. Most millennials and Gen Z used to buy real Instagram Reels views and are famous.

By looking at someone’s profile,  you can view other creator’s content. The Instagram Reels can be watched in the Explore section with Instagram TV. In this part, users can view the Reels videos, which are shown by the Instagram algorithm according to their interest. 

If you want to check the Reels videos of a particular account, all you have to do is go to their profile and click on their reels icon, which is next to the IGTV.

You can interact with Instagram Reels in any type of publication of Instagram: privately send to other users as the primary option, to send privately, to comment, to add to your story.

Then, there will be a three-dot button; you can copy the link, save the post, and directly share it with other social media applications such as Email, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Facebook.

IGTV has its own application, but currently, Reels is just an extension for making content on Instagram. The reel is an inbuilt feature of the Instagram application, and it does not have an alone application for creating Reels. 


Length of the video: the video length limit of Instagram Reels is fifteen seconds currently, but currently, TikTok sits at sixty seconds.

Duets:  the side by side collaboration of videos popular on TikTok applications are not available on the Instagram Reels currently.

The TikTok For You page is prominent on the application, while Instagram Reels accessible only within the Explore tab. 

Analytics: Instagram Reels provides comments, views, and likes in its breakdown of analytics, while the TikTok app is much more revealing, which including things, average clock time, audience breakdown, traffic sources, most anticipated Instagram Reels will provide the best data in the upcoming months and weeks.

Following the platform TikTok, organizes your main feed into two main sections, “For You” page that shows the content that is based on your