These Are The Top 7 Instagram Stats You Need To Track

Monitoring your Instagram numbers can help you stay on top of your game. To say that Instagram is a top social media platform would be an understatement. Yet you may be curious as to how many of your client’s Instagram followers actually engage with their content. Maybe it’s the exact quantity of people that respond to a post. Your social media plan may be adjusted in response to your client’s social media activity and results.

Brands need a captivating Instagram presence if they want to get noticed in the crowded digital marketplace. Moreover, you need to examine and understand how to monitor the development of your Instagram account, from checking Instagram analytics to calculating Instagram KPIs, in order to gain a more complete view of its performance.

Instagram Metric: What Is It?

The Instagram stats help you narrow your search and identify the best content. If you aren’t accustomed to it, it might be intimidating. Yet, gaining insight into these metrics might be game-changing for the success of your brand. All of these measures matter much, and you may monitor them over time to see how your performance is trending generally. You can also calculate it for individual articles to find out which kind of material are most popular with your audience.

Those Are the Seven Most Important Instagram Metrics

If you’re using these seven Instagram measures to monitor your expansion, you’re making social media strides comparable to those of the largest brands. Nonetheless, we will cover a wide variety of topics, including the most common Instagram measurement, which often focuses on various engagements.

Gain in New Followers

You can feel elated about your growing fan base. Yet that doesn’t indicate the business is headed in the right direction.

A business shouldn’t measure success by the amount of people who follow it, but by how rapidly those people are adding to their ranks. Gaining and keeping a large number of followers is evidenced by a rapid increase in the follower growth rate.

Participation Rates for Each Follower

Keeping tabs on your engagement rates per follower can give you a good idea of how invested your Instagram audience is. Examining the audience size and demographics in relation to the number of likes and comments is of paramount importance. Your decision as to whether or not your business requires an influencer might be informed by the engagement rate per follower. Measuring how engaged your audience is best done on a weekly or monthly basis.

The Volume of Visits to Online Venues

Instagram Stories are a great place to include a clickable link to your website. You may monitor the number of times people visit your website from your Instagram bio or stories by using Instagram Insights.

It’s a fantastic method of seeing how many visitors are drawn to your site by specific pieces of content and what factors ultimately result in conversions. Similarly, you should monitor how many individuals click through to your bio landing page and what factors led to those clicks. Then you can check how many people were exposed to your brand thanks to each individual post.

Average Number of Views for Each Link in a Post

Now that you know what drives people to your Instagram and what posts get the most likes and comments, you can see exactly which links in your stories and posts people clicked on. Instagram performance and growth may be steered in the right way by paying close attention to the number of link hits each post.

It’s also great for adding profile connections to the company account, which you really must keep an eye on. As a result, you’ll be able to keep tabs on the many Instagram users who become customers thanks to your company’s presence there. To get the most out of this Instagram feature, you’ll need to tweak your company profile.

Remarks Per Blog Post

An in-depth comment, in contrast to a simple “like,” requires thought and effort. When a reader takes the time to leave a remark, you know you’ve connected with them. Getting a lot of likes on Instagram is fun, but comments are far more useful for expanding your fan base.

Always keeping an eye on your average number of comments and seeing if it goes up or down is vital. The most well-received blogs might help you spot patterns over time. Finally, if your comment count has declined, you should investigate why your audience is losing interest in your posts.

Participation in Instagram Stories

In general, the Instagram stories that go viral are the ones that people like the most. One of the most crucial aspects of Instagram advertising tactics at the moment is the reach and interest in your Instagram stories. Nevertheless, you’ll need a larger Instagram following before your Stories analytics will really stand out.

Metrics like comments, views, and navigations will be tracked independently for each Instagram story slide. Nonetheless, pageviews and departures are the most crucial indicators. The number of unique viewers is represented by the view count. As you become more active on Instagram and amass a larger following, you should expect the number of people seeing your stories to increase.

If entrances are a good sign of what keeps your audience interested, exits are a good indicator of what bores or bores off your audience. If you see a lot of people leaving after seeing a certain presentation, you might want to investigate why.


When analysing your brand’s performance on Instagram, one of the most crucial metrics to consider is reach. Quantifying the number of distinct accounts that have viewed your content and, by implication, its worth and attention. To get your business in front of as many eyes as possible and increase exposure, you should work to expand your Instagram following.