An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Hashtags In 2023

In 2022, getting more people to see your Instagram photos and increase your following is all about using the appropriate hashtags.

But you need to be strategic about your Instagram hashtag usage if you want to see results. Your Instagram account might be penalised by Instagram’s algorithms if you’re not careful and wind up spamming potential followers.
Learn the ins and outs of Instagram hashtags, where they can be found, and how you can use them into your social media marketing plan by reading this article.

Hashtags on Instagram: what are they?

Instagram hashtags are any string of characters that begins with the pound symbol (#), such as #InstagramHashtags. Hashtags are a great way to categorise and label your social media postings so that they get more views and engagement.

Instagram (and other social media sites) transforms hashtags into clickable links when used in posts. Any material that has been tagged with a given hashtag will be shown on a single page when that hashtag is clicked on or searched for.

Using hashtags is another fantastic method of reaching people who are interested in your business’s niche or offering.

So, you’re wondering why you should employ hashtags on Instagram.
You may reach a wider audience on Instagram by including well-chosen hashtags in your posts, Stories, and Reels. A post that includes a hashtag will be shown on the page dedicated to that hashtag.

That’s why you need a well-thought-out plan for using hashtags on Instagram.

The most widely used hashtags on Instagram

Using trending hashtags isn’t always the best approach to get people to interact with your content.

Given the high volume of content that already includes that hashtag, it’s possible that your own contribution will be lost in the shuffle. This is why Instagram recommends utilising a mix of popular and less-used hashtags to broaden your reach.

Tips for selecting the most relevant hashtags for advertising on Instagram

You’ve probably seen one of those online Instagram hashtag generators that suggest hashtags if you’ve been playing around with hashtags for a while. The fact is that it’s unlikely that such recommendations will be as helpful as conducting your own investigation.

Here are some strategies for creating Instagram hashtags that can help you reach a wider audience and generate more interest in your company.

Research your rivals

While it’s not a good idea to directly mimic your rivals’ Instagram marketing, it is wise to research the hashtags they employ. By doing so, you might learn which hashtags are successful for competing businesses.

It’s possible you’ll find some useful new hashtags, too. Find other hashtags to use if you don’t want to compete for the same audience.

Take use of Instagram’s “Related Hashtags”

When you visit a hashtag page, you may swipe left to view a list of similar hashtags that appear above the Top and Recent tabs.
This is a terrific technique to discover related hashtags that are more specific than the first searched-for, keyword-based hashtag. You may reach a smaller, more engaged audience with these hashtags (and have fewer posts competing with yours). And, truth be told, these are the top recommended hashtags.

See what hashtags your target demographic is using

It’s likely that individuals who are already interested in what you have to offer as a business are also utilising hashtags associated with the field in which you operate. Discovering and participating in already Instagram groups is a great way to expand your reach and connect with individuals who are already interested in your company.

It’s a good idea to monitor the hashtags used by your most popular followers. Using Instagram’s search function, you may learn more about the hashtags that are interesting to your target demographic.

How to use Instagram hashtags effectively in 3 easy steps

Making a branded hashtag

To advertise your business, product, or campaign, you may make your own unique hashtag.

After establishing a customised hashtag, you can let your followers know about it by including it prominently in your Instagram posts and Stories. Hold a contest using your branded hashtag to amass user-created content and boost the hashtag’s visibility.

Check out the top performing hashtags with Instagram Insights

Instagram’s integrated analytics feature, Insights, reveals the number of impressions your posts received through hashtags if you have an Instagram Business account.

To get these stats, choose the relevant post and then click View Insights at the bottom of the post. Find out how many people saw the post thanks to hashtags and other analytics by scrolling ahead.

Avoid repetitive or meaningless hashtags

The temptation to just put the same big list of hashtags onto every post is understandable, but doing so is counterproductive.

“posting repetitive comments or content” is explicitly forbidden under Instagram’s rules. Repeatedly using the same hashtags in your posts will result in a penalty from Instagram.

Use only appropriate hashtags in your posts. For example, if you include the hashtag #skincare, your post ought to appeal to those who are interested in cosmetics and skincare.