How to get more Instagram followers and likes.

Instagram is the most popular fashion-focused social media platform. A platform where followers are the lifeblood of companies and likes are the currency. And then there’s your brand, which has neither many visitors nor many ardent supporters. Do you wish to increase your Instagram’s popularity and worth by purchasing likes and followers? Do you agree that this is the optimal solution? Let’s use Stormlikes as a practise target.

The fact is that many companies have Instagram success as a primary goal. It’s not simple to make a dent in the success of the established players on this platform. Even less so when you think about how many competitors there are. Not to mention the ever-increasingly demanding needs of the user base.

Instagram, however, is a platform where your company can make a difference and strengthen connections with its demographic. In reality, when it comes to boosting participation, it is among the best social networks.

To make your company popular on Instagram, you need to focus on a few key areas. However, other options exist, such as purchasing genuine Instagram likes from a service like Stormlikes. Stormlikes is a good option for people who don’t have a lot of time or money to devote to boosting their profiles the traditional way.

Strategies for Attracting Genuine Instagram Followers

There are a lot of shady ways to gain Instagram followers, so let’s stick to the above-board methods instead.

First, Instagram needs your attention.

Whether your niche is photography, lifestyle, or humour, the stuff you submit represents you and should be treated as such. Don’t forget that it’s okay to stay out till 4 a.m. without uploading anything. Do it, it can be done.

2Shift in Adherents

Don’t be shy about sharing links to your Instagram from your other social media profiles. Your networks and original material will determine your success. Use your imagination; I once promised the first 100 people to follow me on Instagram a unique insult if they did so. After a few hours, I became bored of criticising the 4,000 people who had followed me.


Collaborate on the content of your account with friends who have similar profiles by tagging each other in shared articles. But it’s not dissimilar from what you post, so if you produce cupcakes instead of catfishing posts, you’re wasting your time following that account.


Take care of the tales, since they are the most popular element of your account right now; switch between video and photo posts; and give some thought to removing the obnoxious boomerangs that don’t add anything to your account. Telling a compelling tale in 3 out of 5 films increases retention.

Simple Comms
Make a note in your tales to check direct messages and share screenshots of your chats with your followers. This fosters interaction and creates a sense of belonging.

Hashtag It! 6Be Original!

Hashtag-heavy posts signal an unhealthy obsession with gaining new followers. Always include a few of your own creations, ones that are unique and will lead readers to articles about you when they click on them.

Exchange Accounts

Encourage your fans to spread your content by asking them to share your tales with their networks and including a question or phrase that may be utilised as a meme. The right-hand paper aeroplane diagram below shows how this is done.

Tag Your Pals!

It’s adorable, yet it still has unexpected staying power in 2018. Try a new approach and seek for creative follower connection by asking relevant questions and projecting a little more confidence.


If it’s time for advertising and you want to do something completely legal, ask the company if you may do it your way, and don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If your advertisements make you appear robotic, it won’t matter how much care and affection you put into your publications. Take care of these nitpicks if you value your followers’ loyalty.