7 Creative Strategies To Leverage Instagram Stories For Your Business

The value of Instagram Stories to the corporate world was unclear when the feature debuted in 2016. How can such fleeting material leave an impression on its audience?

Now, after some time has passed, stories have proven to be an effective method of attracting and retaining clients. There are 500 million individuals using Instagram Stories every day, so don’t pass up the chance to expand your customer base.
Let’s delve further into Instagram Stories and discuss seven fantastic applications for them.

The Value of Instagram Stories

Yes, people enjoy hearing tales. Quite a few popular labels do. But are you aware of the many ways in which Instagram Stories might enhance your social media campaign?

The potential of Instagram Stories for commercial uses might be better understood by highlighting some key advantages of its implementation:

  • Make your Instagram posts more interesting by including new types of media.
  • Increase interaction with your audience by using stories.
  • Play around with stickers, films, photographs, and text in this compact format to share your own ideas.
  • Create a sense of urgency by restricting access to your Story’s material to just 24 hours.
  • Your feed material may be buried under a mountain of other updates, but your content would be front and centre in the app with a Story. When a follower opens the app, the Stories feed appears at the top.
  • Use the informal Stories style to connect with your audience on a deeper level via publishing more relaxed material. Stickers, which can be made quickly with a sticker maker, are a fun way to liven up your Insta stories.
  • Improve your brand’s visibility by making your Instagram Stories accessible to those who aren’t already following you. Stories may be more easily uncovered with the use of hashtags and geotags.
  • Adding Instagram Stories to your existing social media material is a great way to spice things up. In other words, they provide you more opportunities to win over clients.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started with Instagram Stories for your company.

Tips for Using Instagram Stories in Your Business

Share Useful Advice for Free to Establish Your Credibility

Incorporate a helpful figure into your Story by following these easy guidelines. Making user-friendly tutorials, do-it-yourself guides, or “how-tos” might help you get trust and exposure. Assume the part of a teacher and reliable ally.

You may create content that is relevant to your niche and interesting to your readers. Your clients will appreciate your items much more if they follow the advice you provide.

Share exclusive, behind-the-scenes content to make your brand more relatable

You can’t expect your account’s professional, polished, and structured material to convey the true nature of your company. Telling a story may help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. That type of openness will give your company more human appeal.

Share with your audience the passion and purpose that drives your brand. You both have in common:

  • If you’ve just sent your 10,000th order, what plans do you have to commemorate this achievement?
  • Teams should introduce themselves briefly.
  • A preview of your upcoming events
  • An inside look at your office
  • Clips from your manufacturing procedure
  • Show your customers that the people behind the brand are genuine people. Customers are more likely to have a personal connection to the people behind groundbreaking items when they can place a name with a face.

Plan a Takeover to Increase Exposure

A “takeover” occurs when an unauthorised third party assumes control of your Instagram account, as the term indicates. Takeovers benefit most from stories. The lighthearted posts that result won’t be stored indefinitely.

“Hijackers” who gain control of brand accounts are often influential users. Companies aim to grow their fan bases by taking this approach. Since the influencer will be posting on their own personal account about the “takeover,” their audience will be exposed to the brand through the influencer’s personal network.

Ask questions and conduct polls to gather customer opinions

It’s not always easy to get customers to agree to fill out a survey. Sometimes, customers aren’t interested in taking the time to fill out a lengthy survey.

Do you have any idea what might help you in your quest for feedback? Whatsapp Recollections.

The “Questions” and “Poll” choices are Story stickers that may be used to engage the audience. Make use of these stickers to prompt clients to answer your questions.

Post Reminders to Increase Revenue

Promotional campaigns that are too intense have become obsolete. Stories might help you increase sales without upsetting your clientele.

Stories are less pushy than promotional postings since they expire after 24 hours. In this way, you may promote purchasing without flooding people’s feeds with constant calls to action to “BUY THIS.”

Inform your clientele that you are still offering this or that discount or promotion. To make clients feel like they need to rush to your website, use stories to activate their sense of urgency.

Bolster your email list with links

It’s possible that tying Instagram Stories into your email marketing plan never ever crossed your mind. But Stories may really assist in expanding your email list.

In case you weren’t aware, once you hit 10,000 followers on Instagram, you may add a link to your Story. Use the link tool to direct your followers to the sign-up page once you’ve created engaging material for your Story.

Publish user-created content to increase credibility

Prove to your fans that you care about their needs as customers. Share your customers’ posts on your Instagram Stories.

There are several ways in which user-generated content (UGC) might help you. Consumers might feel more appreciated when you use their own words in stories. Tell them how much you appreciate their business to win their devotion.

Social proof is yet another advantage of user-generated content. Share the feedback of your satisfied customers with your audience. For the sake of confidence, testimonials are always appreciated.