Facebook Fans – Need Of Your Business

Facebook is one of the most visited websites having more than one billion monthly visitors. The magic of Facebook has been spread so fast that it attracted people of the different age groups and cultures all over the world. Actually Facebook is a social network website that provides rich platform to make new contacts with likeminded people, build relationships with them and exchange useful information, thoughts and ideas. In spite of this facebook can be used to earn money. You can make hundreds and thousands of dollars just by sitting in your home. Facebook is not an online market for buying and selling like Fiverr or Freelancer, but still you can earn from facebook with different techniques.

Why FACEBOOKERS are different?

When I say, “Facebookers are different,” I am not talking about everyone who has a Facebook account. Millions of people have Facebook accounts that seldom sign in. They are not true Facebookers. According to Facebook, out of billion people who have accounts, about half of them spend time there for about an hour every day.

All people are important, but some of these Facebookers are especially important to your business because of how they will help you to promote your business. They are people who love to connect with other people, they collect friends just like wool pants collect cat hair and belong to any society who know several people as well as can influence the way other people think and behave.

For example, A client of a dentist clinic has about 3000 “fans” or “likes” on his page. The manager of dental clinic went on that page and mentioned that he had a job opening for a dental assistant. Within three days, he had 13 applications. That excited him because it didn’t cost him the $1200 and he save the cost of newspaper advertise. Aside from that, he received applications from more relevant persons that he was looking for.

Having lots of “fans” is just like the birds flock together type of thing, the people who connect with you connect with people that can meet your business requirements. Some Facebook Fans are so uniquely important to your business that you don’t need another reason to be there.